Our Mission

To provide the highest level of EXPERT INSTRUCTION, SAFETY  and  FUN, with EVERY Athlete in EVERY sport, EVERY day.  

We offer classes for all ages and skill levels within our programs.

  • Competitive Cheerleading for all skill levels

  • Competitive and Recreational Tumbling

  • Competitive, Recreational and Preschool Gymnastics

  • Ninja Nation Obstacle Course Training

We safety certify all coaches in their respective programs. All coaches are Professional Members of their respective organizations and are required to attend clinics and take a written exam based on knowledge in their area of expertise in order to become certified by the organization. WVTG also certifies all coaches in CPR every 2 years.

WVTG strives to provide a positive experience for athletes. Safety, in a fun environment, is our number one priority! We offer a fun and safe environment for your child to express their creativity and athleticism, while also learning about teamwork. We strive to promote the physical and spiritual development of athletes through Gymnastics, Tumbling & Cheer. We are dedicated to providing a rewarding and encouraging experience through team building and learning about teamwork! Check out WHY GYMNASTICS