Program/Gymnastics Director & Principle Partner

Michelle has 10 years competitive gymnastics experience and 25 years as a USA Gymnastics Professional Member as a Coach.  She is a founding member of WVTG, which is the longest lived gymnastics club in the Wabash Valley (1998).  She currently is also the Indiana Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges.  She previously held the position of Treasurer for years. She also holds B.S degree in Exercise Science from Indiana State University

Michelle Ealy-[email protected]


Tumble Team/Rebels Director

10 Years of Competitive Gymnastics experience with 15 Years of Cheer/Tumbling & Trampoline/ USA Gymnastics coaching experience makes Danielle one of the most versatile coaches in the Valley.  A USA Gymnastics and Cheer Professional member.  Danielle has coached multiple national champions in Tumbling & Trampoline.

Danielle Worley-[email protected]