Make up Classes

We try our best to allow for make up classes as long as there is room permitting in other classes.  A make up class for a missed class is not guaranteed.


Registration Policies

When registering the total may be less shown below.  Tuition is pro-rated for start days and non-class days automatically.  

Annual Registration Fee

There is a $30 annual registration fee for each family. This fee is non-refundable, and is used to defray the cost of insurance, which we must carry on all participants. 



Monthly payments are not an option unless you are on a competitive team



Parent & Tot (45min/week) 18mos -3yrs


155.50/10 weeks


Tumble Tigers 50min/week 3-4years 


158.50/10 weeks


Super Tigers (50min/week) 4-5yrs


158.50/10 weeks



Recreational Classes  

Gymnastics, Cheer, & Tumbling Classes (1 Hr/week)

160.50/10 weeks


Ninja Nation Classes (1Hr/week)

162.50/10 weeks


All Competition Teams(varies 2-15hrs/week)

Available upon Request



Do I get a discount for an additional child or additional class?

Yes, 10% for the 2nd child or the 2nd class per week and each additional child/class.

If you have questions about which class to register for please call the gym during business hours or message us on the Facebook :)

When is tuition due?

Immediately upon enrollment and then when the registration window opens for the next session. There is option for both check and credit card payment online.

 We do not offer a refund. We realize that illness, injury, family problems, etc., may at times make this difficult and we may still be able to work a credit on future classes.

Late Fees?!?

Late fees are applied on the 10th day after registration to account balance.

Session Length

All sessions are 10 weeks long.  This ensures your child gets the most out of their instruction.

Session Dates

Session Name


Fall I Session 2024

July 29- Oct 4 2024

Fall II Session 2024 (11wks)

Oct 7- Dec 23 2024

Winter Session 2024

Jan 2 - Mar 8 2024

Spring Session 2024

Mar 11-May 17 2024

Summer Session 2024

May 20-July 26 2024




Priority Re-Enrollment   
    On the 7th week of a 10 week session, you are able to pre-register through the web portal for the next session. There are no exceptions to class maximums.

Gym Closing 2024-2025

Labor Day                      

Sept 2, 2024

Fall Break Oct 11-14, 2024
Thanksgiving 2023

Nov 27,28,29 2024

Christmas Break 2023-2024 Dec 23, 2024-Jan 3, 2025
MKL Day 2023

Jan 15, 2024



March 25- 29th 2024
Summer break

July 4, 2024-July 12, 2024

Non Class Days

These days are scheduled closing (i.e. holidays, school breaks) they are already prorated into the session cost and are listed on your invoice so do not delete it!

Who is teaching my child?

When we look for new staff members and gymnastics teachers, we first look for people who truly love children. We can teach the skills and supply the technical information, but we can’t teach people to genuinely love children and love to teach children. We hold monthly in-house training sessions for all staff members. Training topics range from class organization to teaching advanced skills. We also send staff to national-level training annually or bring in national-level trainers to train our staff in-house.

Our senior Gymnastics staff members are required to have:

  • a current safety certification in Gymnastics Coaching,
  • passed a national background check
  • current Safesport certification.

Can I watch my child?

Absolutely! All activities can be viewed from our main lobby area or from the upstairs observation area.

Is my child safe while in class?

Safety is our #1 priority at WVTG. Of course, all activities involving height and motion involve a risk of injury. To help minimize the risk to your child, all of our instructors are trained in gymnastics safety, basic first aid, and class discipline techniques.

Will my child have fun in class?

Yes. Although we do have competitive programs in gymnastics and tumbling & trampoline for the more serious students, our goal is not to make every child the next Olympic gold medalist.

We strive to give every student the essential life skills necessary to succeed in whatever they choose to do in their lives. We aim to develop your child’s sense of self-discipline and self-respect, teamwork, and creativity, all while helping them to become physically fit and recognize the importance of exercise in their lives. We do all this while making sure every child has a great time!

Class Interruption

WVTG reserves the right to remove a child from class if they're disruptive to the point that the instructor cannot teach the class effectively.

Level of Difficulty

WVTG accommodates all skill levels: from the recreational student to the aspirational competitor to the serious athlete looking for scholarship possibilities.

     We encourage girls to wear a leotard but athletic shorts and a t-shirt is fine. ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY ALLOWEDBoys should wear shorts and a t-shirt and socks.  Long hair should be pulled back from the face. If not appropriately dressed, the gymnast may be restricted from some or all activity. Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics pro-shop has an extensive line of gymnastics clothing, which may be purchased for class or personal use.