Another Successful Home Meet in the Bag!

Robert Ealy

Another year has passed and another successful gymnastics meet has been held in Terre Haute.  WVTG has been hosting, what is now know as the Wabash Valley Classic, for the last 15 years.  The event has been successful despite impediments as changing event dates and very limited venues to host such an event.  The event is a boost to the local community exposing hundreds of families to the Terre Haute area with many of them spending the night in local hotels and spending money within the community.  This and other gymnastics events in Terre Haute would not be possible if it were not for our fantastic athlete Parents and Coaches that put in thier fair share of sweat equity to pull of such a fantastic event.  This year our event was held at Strive365 it was very successful considering the severe weather that moved in later that afternoon.  Mike Rogers and his team led by Brian Archer were fantastic in accomodating our need for the event.  The facility is top notch and they provided fantastic event service during our event.