Session Dates/Gym closed dates are now available!

Robert Ealy

Hello from everybody here at Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics. We hope that everybody is  staying healthy and fit. Please understand that it is because of you that Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics is still able to provide high-quality safe instruction of gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, and ninja classes to your athletes.   We are forever grateful for your continued patronage.   


Since this last session launched amidst the turmoil of the ever-present pandemic, some adjustments had to be made to our annual schedule.   We appreciate everyone's patience while we try to figure out what  our future schedule would be.   Please understand that going forward dates are subject to change, however we feel confident in this schedule.  Of note, we really appreciate all the parents choosing not to crowd the upstairs viewing balcony,  if you do choose to stay and view practice,  we strongly suggest wearing a mask, maintain a 6ft distance between individuals and use our free hand sanitizer frequently.  


The session dates and gym closed dates are located in a couple places on our website;

  • under the tuition and session dates tab,

  •  on our website calendar,

  •  on our Gomotion app calendar.


Remember you can subscribe and import these calendars directly into your phone calendar app, view from our website or the Gomotion app whichever is easiest for you.   Moving forward our competition teams will also see the dates of their competitions along with location and competition times/information on this calendar.