Registration Policies

When registering the total may be less shown below.  Tuition is pro-rated for start days and non-class days automatically.  

Annual Registration Fee

There is a $30 annual registration fee for each family. This fee is non-refundable, and is used to defray the cost of insurance, which we must carry on all participants. 



Monthly payments are not an option unless you are on a competitive team

Monthly cost is given for transparency for accurate comparison to other activities


Parent & Tot (45min/week) 18mos -3yrs

10 week sessions

143.50/10 weeks


Tumble Tigers 50min/week 3-4years

148.50/10 weeks


Super Tigers (50min/week) 4-5yrs

10 week sessions

148.50/10 weeks



Recreational Classes  

Gymnastics, Cheer, & Tumbling Classes (1 Hr/week)

153.50/10 weeks


Ninja Nation Classes (1Hr/week)

157.50/10 weeks


All Competition Teams(varies 2-15hrs/week)

Available upon Request



Do I get a discount for an additional child or additional class?

Yes, 10% for the 2nd child or the 2nd class per week and each additional child/class.

If you have questions about which class to register for please call the gym during business hours or message us on the Facebook :)

When is tuition due?

Immediately upon enrollment and then when the registration window opens for the next session. There is option for both check and credit card payment online.

Once the first class is held after the trial class we do not offer a refund. We realize that illness, injury, family problems, etc., may at times make this difficult and we may still be able to work a credit on future classes.

Late Fees?!?

Late fees are applied on the 10th day after registration to account balance.

Session Length

All sessions are 10 weeks long.  This ensures your child gets the most out of their instruction.

Session Dates

Session Name


Spring I Session 2020

Feb 2nd- April 10th

Spring II Session 2020


Summer Session 2020

August 3rd - October 9th

Fall Session 2020

October 10th - December 18th

Winter Session 2021

January 4th - March 12th

Spring I 2021

March 13th - May 21st

Spring II 2021

May 23rd - July 31st

Summer 2021




Priority Re-Enrollment   
    On the 8th week of a 10 week session, you are able to pre-register through the web portal for the next session. There are no exceptions to class maximums.

Gym Closing 2020-2021

Labor Day                      

Sept 7th  2020

Fall Break Oct 9- 12th  2020
Thanksgiving 2020

Nov 25,26,27

Christmas Break 2020 December 19, 2020-Jan 2nd 2021
MKL Day 2021 Jan 18th 2021
Independence day 2021

June 28 – July 4

Non Class Days

These days are scheduled closing (i.e. holidays, school breaks) they are already prorated into the session cost and are listed on your invoice so do not delete it!