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Griffin's Taekwondo joining Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics

By WVTG hat tip Griffin's TKD facebook page, 05/15/18, 3:00PM EDT


Bringing your family more value and more fun!

Starting June 5th

Griffin's Taekwondo offers classes for all skill levels and ages.

Thier instructors are available to help you conquer your personal goals and set you up for success in your life.

The chief instructor, Mr. Cody Griffin, is a 4th Degree Black Belt. He has trained for over 13 years with Jones Taekwondo Family Center USA under Mr. Dale Jones a 6th Degree Black Belt and Mrs. Pam Jones a 5th Degree Black Belt. Mr. Griffin has also trained with Masters and Grand Master while traveling to multiple states including Tennesee, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas for extra training, training camps, and several tournaments. Mr. Griffin continues to further his education in Taekwondo and martial arts. 
The instructor to student ratio is amongst the highest in the area and gives students more individual time to work on their materials and techniques needed. 

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art form. It's meaning roughly translates to "The Way of the Hand and Foot." All students learn a Kata (pattern) as well as one steps, sparring sets, board breaks, and/or self-defense according to their rank in belts.

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