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3 Of My Favorite Cardio Workouts For Gymnasts During Competition Season

By By Terri Laymon, 03/23/17, 1:30PM EDT


The topic of cardio training is something of huge importance for gymnastics coaches, medical providers, and athletes to spend time learning about. It can be overwhelming for many people if they have not been exposed to the information. To help, I wanted to share 3 of my favorite “frameworks” of energy system workouts I use during the competitive season.


I do not want to make this post overly complicated with nerdy physiology or mechanisms of energy system training. I know not everyone reading this has that background. Instead, I will share the video examples, explain the workouts, and offer some general points as to why I set the work outs up in a specific way. If you are interested in more depth, continue on past the videos to learn more about the general adaptations, theory, and some concepts of physiology.



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