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There are plenty of reasons a child should take dance classes. One reason is health. Getting and keeping children healthy isn't easy. There are just too many temptations out there. There are computers, video games, television, fast food and a bunch of other things. Children are so used to eating junk, until they often don't appreciate healthier foods. If you can't get your child to eat healthier, then get them to exercise. The classes are a good way to have fun while getting in shape.

1. I've got a son. Dancing is for girls.

No, they are not. Anyone can learn to dance. Boys can take the same classes girls can. There are world famous male ballet, tap, modern and jazz dancers. These men are very successful, wealthy and famous. Where would they be if they were discouraged from their dreams?

If the thought of your son dancing makes you uncomfortable, put him into a traditionally male arena. Hip Hop  is at the top of the list. You son will get into shape while learning to dance like hundreds of great performers before him.

2. My daughter won't take a class. She thinks ballet is boring.

There are many other forms of dance in addition to ballet. Lots of little girls do study that dance. But that doesn't mean your daughter has to as well. She can study tap, modern, jazz or even hip hop. She'll get good exercise no matter what class she takes. Introduce your daughter to some other dances. Let her pick the one she wants to study.

3. My child never sticks with anything. I'm not paying for lessons.

Get your child to agree to stay enrolled for a specific period of time. Then after that time period, let them quit if they want. Don't force them to keep taking classes if they really can't stand it. Your child might even be able to take one or two classes before enrolling for the long term. At least that way they'll see if they like it.

Dance classes are a good way for your child to spend free time. If they absolutely refuse to take a class, you can find something else. Just make sure to get them involved with some physical activity.


Non-Refundable Annual Registration Fee:


Class Length/Type Class Fee/Schedule
1 hour/Recreational

$137/10 weeks

50min/Preschool $130/10 weeks
45min/Parent and Tot $125/10 weeks
Hot Shots (PreTeam USAG) $95/momth
1 hour/Dance $45/month
Tumbling, Gymnastics, Cheer Teams Available upon request

%15 Discounts for additional classes or family members